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Pioneering, crusading and entrepreneuring: An unlikely source of organisational learning

Arie de Geus was an early promoter of the concept of a learning organisation. In this video we recap his ideas and align them with the impact that internal Venture Capital (VC) programs are having on their parent organisation, in particular the VC program at BHP Ltd. Spoiler alert, they do not run them for the purpose of building new green shoot business opportunities. As discussed by journalist, Peter Ker, BHP is not the only organisation engaging in the VC field. Others include Telstra, Westpac, and engineering consultancy GUD. References: Peter Ker, BHP, RIO: Why big corporate venture capital will survive the coming downturn, Australian Financial Review, June 12, 2023Arie de Gues, Planning as Learning, Harvard Business Review, Mar - Apr, 1988.

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