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Third Wave Strategy


Fundamental to the new order of corporate structuring and operating will be the need for business leaders and leadership teams to think and act at an elevated level of capability in strategy practice and strategic thinking. ​Under this approach to strategy, strategic thinking will be informed by holistic and future focused scenarios (and thereby stories, or in a more scientific sense, memories of the future). These provide input to the formation of Long Term Strategy which in turn, provides the platform for short term strategy implementation initiates. From there, strategic projects are measured, managed and monitored through a Program of Strategy Renewal.  As an integrated system, strategic alignment becomes a critical component of the performance management and control of the strategy function.

Video: Third Wave Strategic Management Framework

Foundation of Third Wave Strategy: A fully integrated Strategic Management Framework


Key elements:

  • a Strategic Architecture, an integrated construct for long term strategy which evolves into an Integrated Value System,

  • ​a short term depiction of strategy presented in the format of a Strategy Narrative - used to describe how long term strategy will be implemented in the short term - exhibited within the construct of a Strategy Blueprint,

  • a method of implementation aligned to core strategy; presented in the context of a Program of Continual Strategy Renewal, and

  • a recognition of the various forces of change, and an understanding of how they impact strategy.

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A Platform for Organisational Learning 

Structured systemic thinking provides insight into causality and connectedness to the future. Speed of learning (the primary source of a sustainable competitive advantage) at an organisational level provides the foundation upon which a capability in organisational learning can be grounded.

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Video: Amazon Inc: An Exemplar of Third Wave Strategy Practice

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Features of the CSOsandbox for the mind

A consciousness of the many cognitive influences that are found at individual, team and organisational level and thereby, a preparedness to accommodate such issues. 

Examples include:​

  •  the conflict of meeting the demands of stakeholder and shareholder needs, at the same time,​ 

  • the eternal presence of bias and 'noise',

  • the adverse influence of a dominant logic in teams,

  • the incredible power of corporate culture,

  • a need to address many long held commitments to a sacred, but often outdated strategy system,

  • an as yet unexplored presence of prospection; a capability unique to the human species that literally provides us with the means to think strategically,

  • the role of adaptive strategic thinking - in the form of a response to change versus the imperative for inventive strategic thinking, in the form of a prosponse.

  • the conduct of strategy practice, at the standard of a profession.​

There are many more features and benefits that the CSOsandbox has to offer, you are invited to go to our subscription page to sign up for a free trial.​

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