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Workshop 1: How to be what you can't see

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As a continuation of the Corporate Strategy (Remastered) tutorials, the purpose of this course is to identify the means to apply Third Wave Strategy concepts to practice. The course commences with an introduction to the ‘doing’ of strategy; i.e. strategy as practice; its meaning, purpose and relevance. Grounded in social science, strategy addresses the blindness of “You Can’t Be What You Can’t See” as described by McLaughlin (2018) who identified three factors that give insight, and guidance to strategy practitioners . When translated into a context of corporate High Performance the list could read as: Mentoring: a strength of strategic leadership and focused organisational learning, Exposure: reframe; be prepared to adapt to unseen change and invest in the invention of deliberate, potentially disruptive change, Belonging: broad based stakeholder engagement and open management practices. The overall objective of the course is to provide the means to understand how practitioners can contribute to the development of Organisational Hyper High Performance.

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