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Chief Strategy Officer - CSOsandbox


The single most powerful tool available to the CEO, is a clear and well defined strategy: at a Corporate, Business Unit, Division level.


To date, the person charged with the responsibility for the management and control of strategy, the Chief Strategy Officer, has had to carry out their duty with one hand tied behind their back.  


Not any more.


Paul Hunter Strategy and Leadership management consultants has developed a web based corporate strategy leadership tool that not only enables the CSO to manage their own roles, but to also empower others to engage in the strategic management program - on a day to day basis.


The name of the platform is the CSOsandbox. It can be accessed by subscription, with optional support programs via this web site.

Role of the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

As illustrated opposite, the responsibilities of the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) are broad based, challenging, transformative, substantive and consequential. There is though no one right or wrong role that the CSO should play, they must be ready to play many. There are four potential aspects of the role that can be seen in the video opposite, once you have subscribed to the CSOsandbox, which you can do, here.


The role of CSO is one of high pressure and high profile, the CSOsandbox eases the process. 

Video: Being the Best You Can Be

Access to the CSOsandbox platform is available by subscription​. The purpose of this web site is to provide an introduction and overview of the platform, its make up, its benefits and to also provide a gateway to those seeking to subscribe. 


Keeping a Constant Eye on the Future

The CSOsandbox is a PC/Lap Top based web site designed to provide visibility to the structuring, management, and methods of thinking when leaders are engaged in activities related to  corporate strategy. The construct though is not just a description of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Rather, it is a comprehensive, fully integrated Strategic Management Framework that is grounded in an integration of empirical research and the extensive experience of its designers.


The  CSOsandbox, does four things of importance:

  • ​Guides strategy practitioners through the process of developing great content - using advanced strategy tools and preformatted templates, enacted within a fully integrated strategic management framework; all a part of a dynamic strategy system we refer to as Third Wave Strategy.


  • Introduces skills and techniques associated with strategic thinking:

    • from the fundamental concept of 'prospection', the natural skill possessed by humans that enables us to think strategically,

    • to organisational learning, a corporate wide capacity that actually does enable the continual renewal of strategy and by association, the continual reinvention of the corporation.

  • Demonstrates a structure to strategy that provides an awareness of gaps and a lack of alignment, a platform for the evaluation of strategy content and a context within which resolution of wicked strategic problems can be reached.


  • ​Demonstrates how Third Wave Strategy content can be applied to practice, through the depiction of a fictional case study that describes how a leadership team dealt with a forced journey of organisational transformation and renewal in the rapidly digitalising security printing and packaging industry. 

  • Provides users with the conceptual formats that can be adapted to their own strategy system. This allows them to not only enhance existing strategy content and existing systems (formulation to implementation), but to also benefit from the adoption of Third Wave Strategy concepts within their own corporation.

Image by Keith Hardy

What is the make up of the CSOsandbox service solution from PHSANDL?

The CSOsandbox is a specialist web site developed by Paul Hunter Strategy and Leadership for the purpose of simulating and demonstrating the application of Third Wave Strategy concepts to practice. Supported by the in depth explanations provided in the books Corporate Strategy (Remastered) I and II the platform consists of three primary components: 

An overview of the primary conceptual content contained within Third Wave Strategy explored and explained in the book Corporate Strategy (Remastered) I.

An illustration of the application of concepts referred to above through an exploration of the experiences of the leaders of a fictional case study (Third Wave Industries (T-wI), Security Printing and Packaging Division (SPPD)), the primary case study presented and explained in Corporate Strategy (Remastered) II.

Access to worksheet templates providing users with the means to apply the concepts presented in the CSOsandbox to their own corporate strategy environment.

Advisory support built into subscription options as well as access to formal coursework leading to accreditation as an Accredited Strategy Practitioner (ASP) by the Strategic Management Institute.

As a web site the CSOsandbox is readily duplicated and changeable. Examples of ways that it can be adapted to your organisation are:

  • Use our templates to develop your own content outside the CSOsandbox.

  • Import the CSOsandbox into your corporate intranet network or similar, adapt it to your ERP/CSO reporting capability.

  • Acquire a copy of the CSOsandbox website from us and replace the case study with your own content.

  • Add its content and construct to your corporate organisational learning, corporate transformation function.

Contact us to discuss ways in which PHSANDL can work with you to obtain optimal access to this ground breaking enabler of advanced strategy practices. Optional subscription variations are described in the subscription section of this web site. Customised solutions are also available, should that be more preferable.


Surf your own CSOsandbox

Video: CSOsandbox in operation: Leveraging
the CSOsandbox to
fill the seat of CEO

Applying the CSOsandbox to Practice

The CSOsandbox provides the backbone to the consulting program offered by Paul Hunter Strategy and Leadership. It forms an integral component of our core corporate strategy and transformation methodology which consists of four components: Consulting, Action Learning and Collaboration (CALC). Our objective in delivering this service is to guide and support clients through programs of transformational change through different formats of consulting, facilitation, and education. Our CALC methodology is presented in the diagram shown below.

Calc for CSOsandbox.jpg

Content contained in this and the CSOsandbox web site was compiled by, and is a critical component of, the service offering provided by the management consulting firm Paul Hunter Strategy and Leadership (PHSANDL). The primary source of content is provided by PHSANDL's research affiliate, the Strategic Management Institute (SMI).

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