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Why Subscribe To the CSOsandbox?

Designed in a format that can be readily duplicated and adapted to any corporation the CSOsandbox provides a playful resource within which users can explore, invent, innovate and implement new ideas and new forms of sound strategy practice. Structured in accordance with the construct of a fully integrated, system based, strategic management framework, the intent of the web site is to allow practitioners to:

  • obtain a means to communicate strategy and thereby, enable stakeholder engagement,

  • gain insight into the structuring and use of Third Wave Strategy – and an understanding of the mechanics of essential elements that contribute to its operation,

  • experience the use of various elements of Systemic Cognitive Strategy Practice; the mental component of 'doing' strategy,

  • contextualise and evaluate company specific corporate strategy issues leading to informed discussion and resolution,

  • derive a platform for meaningful, interactive collaborations and dialogue facilitating open strategy practice, and 

  • obtain insight into the Future Corporation as it is imagined, understood, shared, formulated, and evolved.


In essence, it is a platform where corporate strategy practitioners can most effectively lead strategy formulation activities and own its outcomes while maintaining control of the continual renewal of the strategy system, strategy content and as an outcome, the corporation itself.

Business Planning

At the least intrusive level, our support is limited to an evaluation of content, strategy structuring and interpretation of terms used in the CSOsandbox. Examples are Strategy Evaluation, Prospection, Integrated Value System and more. We note however that many of the terms that are unfamiliar to you now will soon become very familiar, as you work through the CSOsandbox content.


Similarly, more detailed explanations can be found in our books Corporate Strategy (Remastered) I, II and soon, Corporate Strategy (Remastered) III (publication date TBA). In a broader, higher level context, assistance is offered in the context of services supporting the development of core strategy, the design of a strategy implementation program, or ultimately, assistance with the design and implementation of a program of organisational transformation and renewal.


As mentioned previously, these services are complemented with a comprehensive executive education program. All these elements are incorporated into PHSANDL's CALC consulting methodology which in turn is underpinned by  the CSOsandbox platform as illustrated below.

Business Meeting
Image by Digital Content Writers India

 CSOsandbox Subscription Based Service Offering

PHSANDL invites you to subscribe to the CSOsandbox web based platform as well as methods of support, through facilitation, at varying levels of  intervention. Our support is offered on a scale from very limited, to very intensive. In making this offer it is noted that assistance is not associated with technological support. Rather, it refers to the interpretation and application of concepts associated with the aspects of strategic management presented in the CSOsandbox, as well as the adaptation of a clients existing strategy, through the provision of CSOsandbox forms and formats.

CSOsandbox Access, Support and Consulting Subscription Options For Corporations

Support and Consulting Program Details

Details of each support program are described as follows, Standard Terms and Conditions are outlined below.

Subscription policies: Access to the CSOsandbox platform is available to all corporations however a subscription is allocated to one single country per subscription. Paul Hunter Strategy and Leadership will be delighted to provide access to international or global corporations. A representative of PHSANDL will be pleased to discuss the terms and conditions of that level of access via separate negotiation. Consulting fees will be charged on the basis outlined above.  Any out of pocket expenses such as travel and accommodation will be charged at cost in accordance with our standard terms and conditions, a copy of which will will be forwarded to you prior to the commencement of our support program described above. 

Dance Performance

Subscribing to CSOsandbox Consulting and Facilitation Support

Access is immediate, there is no set up or installation procedure to follow. PHSANDL support is offered therefore in the set up and operation of the content and management of the CSOsandbox via four categories. Each have been designed to accommodate the diverse nature of client support required.  The four categories are: Basic, Standard, Premium, and Premium+. Our fee schedule for each category is presented in the separate subscription page. The annual subscription for access to the CSOsandbox is the same for each category. The extent of consulting and facilitation, however, will vary on an escalating scale although each are limited to 12 to 15 people client employees or associates who are nominated as designated members of the corporate strategy team. Access to the CSOsandbox by non-participating team members is welcomed. A separate subscription is required should more than one team seek facilitation support. Membership for non-supported employees and associates is at the discretion of each client although they must have the same domain name to be provided access. 

It is our intention too, to invite our clients to nominate an employee of the selected business unit as the project manager, charged with the oversight of the CSOsandbox's implementation. That person is likely to be the Chief Strategy Officer - or equivalent - who will also be the point of contact between our consultants and our client. 

Become an Accredited Strategy Practitioner (ASP)

PHSANDL's affiliate, the Strategic Management Institute (SMI) provides source content for our coursework. As noted on the PHSANDL web site our courses provide solutions to the demands of the new business environment. Incorporating an Action Learning format, PHSANDL conducts external and internal courses in strategy. Based on the books Corporate Strategy (Remastered) I and II, the terminology for our methodological response to better strategy practice is that of Third Wave Strategy. Our 'action learning' approach to teaching strategy calls for the first course (tutorial) to explain the foundations of Third Wave Strategy. The second, a series of hands on workshops consists of an exploration of the same case study described in the CSOsandbox. That is the fictitious Security Printing and Packaging Division (SPPD) of the Third Wave Industries (T-wI) group. The education program  is runs for sic days and is conducted part time over a number of weeks, or months depending on client needs. It includes the completion of a team based project that is developed by participants during the course of the program. The final day(s) are designed to allow presentations by participants on the project with whom they have been working. A certificate of accreditation (Accredited Strategy Practitioner (ASP)) is awarded to participants at the conclusion of the course.

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