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Introduction to SPPD CEO and CSO
A Case Study

Primary objective of Senior Leadership Team:

"Turn SPPD performance around while at the same time, capitalise on the evolving digital revolution."

  • Modus operandi: "To meet disruption head on.”

  • Strategic Intent: “Transform SPPD into a Hyper - High Performance Organisation (HPO).

Introductory Video
A Virtual Case Study

Introduction to
Virtual Case Study

Third Wave Industries (T-wI), Security Printing & Packaging Division (SPPD):

  • The SPPD case study explores how newly appointed Division Managing Director, Jenny Wong and her Chief Strategy Officer, Alicia Manning went about designing, developing and then implementing a long term strategy 

  • The initial focus of the strategy was the design and implementation of a program of organisational transformation and renewal.

  • The case study commences with a description of the outcome from a consultant led Strategic Review of SPPD. It presented some home truths that were hard to digest. In doing so it provided a platform upon which a strategically aligned program of organisational transformation and renewal could be launched.

Capturing strategic trajectories: SPPD's transformation to the corporation of the future

Tw-I CEO and SPPD Leadership Team

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