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Tutorial 4: Implementing Third Wave Strategy

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In the Remastering of Strategy … a fully integrated system was evolved to form a basis upon which Third Wave Strategy can be grounded. In doing so it provided a structured perspective that is presented in the form of a monitoring mechanism … embedded within an firms Performance Measurement, Management Monitoring and Reporting regime. As a secondary issue, thoughtful and deep cognitive engagement is introduced as a principal requirement of the firm’s strategic decision making capability. In the design of the strategy implementation program the term strategy ‘execution’ is abandoned and replaced with terminology referring to an approach to strategy implementation enacted within a formal Program of Continual Strategy Renewal. Implementation of short term strategy is a part of a bigger picture, that of … a driver of positive, continual change rather than a ‘wish list’ of special projects to be ticked off and buried. This makes strategy an essential component of a never ending journey to the future, one of a Program of Continual Organisational Transformation and Renewal, driven by a Program of Continual Strategy Renewal.

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