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Workshop 2: Long Term Strategy

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The importance to stakeholders of statements of Purpose, Mission and Vision are often underestimated and more importantly, not always expressed correctly. In this course these issues are identified as critical to an understanding of content that should be included in a firms Long Term Strategy, the statement of which is essential to a strength of leadership. After all: "It is difficult to lead an organisation if you don't know what direction you are going". In structuring long term strategy the notion of a Strategic Architecture is introduced as is an ensuing Integrated Value System. An exploration of statements of purpose and constructs are explored and demonstrated within the context of the Security Printing and Packaging Division (SPPD) of the fictional Third Wave Industries (T-wI) Corporation. Learning outcomes will be an appreciation of how to articulate statements of purpose and build such the above mentioned structures of long term strategy, within the context of a campaign of organisational transformation.

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